The Scriptable Object Enum

So here’s a fun situation: you want to be able to identify and query for objects using string tags, but you don’t know yet exactly how many ‘tags’ you’ll need. Hopefully you already know that just using strings and string comparisons directly is an abjectly terrible idea. C# treats its strings as… well, words and […]

The Ideal Unity Singleton

The Singleton Pattern is one of ye-olde design patterns that have been around for some time. The quick short of it being to solve the service location problem by exposing a static reference to an object you can access from anywhere, at any time. Now, there are a number of approaches to this, between Unity […]

Introductions and Getting Started

Ah, intro posts: only slightly less painful than writing a CV! Anyway… This is going to largely be a mixture of tutorials, musings on system architecture and sharing incredibly dumb development gifs, because misery loves company. If you find any this useful I’ll be glad to hear it, if you need help and advice I’ll… […]